Lean For 2014 60 days to a New YOU! If you haven’t got started on your goals for 2014 yet, now is your time to Spring into it! Looking to firm up, improve your health, and slash your disease risk? Ready to take ACTION? If so, Join Us for the next 60 days in our […]

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Lean For 2014

60 days to a New YOU!


If you haven’t got started on your goals for 2014 yet, now is your time to Spring into it!

Looking to firm up, improve your health, and slash your disease risk?

Ready to take ACTION?

If so, Join Us for the next 60 days in our Lean for 2014 Challenge. This challenge protocol is going to push your body to the limit – helping you see unparalleled results over the two month time period.

If you’ve put off getting fit for far too long now, this program will help you go that extra mile and finally see the results that you are after.

With so many people setting the goal to get in shape but never following through, this program aims to help you avoid that.


 What You Get…

coaching iconDaily online coaching and nutritional support – if you are ever struggling, we will be there to help you through it every step of the way. Do NOT try and go about this alone. Those who seek out the help they need are always going to see faster and greater success than those who don’t.

  nutrition guide iconA complete nutrition guide so that you know what you should be eating each and every step of the way – this guide will take the guess work out of proper nutrition

progress tracker iconA progress tracker that will not only keep you on track, but also allow you to see all the success you are making at every point during your 60 day journey. This will serve as instant motivation

 meal planner iconA meal planner so that you know what you should eat for each meal that passes by – this is easy to use and will simplify the entire process


Healthy Recipes IconHealthy recipes that will support your nutrition goals all while making sure that you are combating food cravings – healthy eating will have never tasted so great.


 But that’s not all…

19873920_sWe want your success more than anything!

So we have decided to give you the following tools for FREE .

  •   5 day Taste Of Success Quick Start to Your Weight-Loss Goals. Comes with a Meal Plan, Shopping List and Recipes.
  •  Forever Young 21 A 21day Meal Plan, Shopping Lists and Recipes to give you even more reasons to succeed! No thinking required,  all the work is done for you.
  • A Clean Eating Report that will help you learn how to simplify your diet so that your body naturally burns up excess body fat
  • Simple and easy techniques to put an End to Hunger Pains before they start



 Website Page

What You Need To Get Started….

As part of the challenge, you will need a 30day supply of  Shakeology, this will be no doubt be the healthiest meal of your day. It will help enhance your health and nutrition status, building lean muscle mass, preventing disease, and energizing your body.

Additionally, you will be required to commit to an in home Beach Body fitness program. Where you can get fit in the comfort of your own home. It’s these smart workouts combined with the superior nutrition of the program that produce the significant results that you’re looking for. See how you can save with our Super Savings Bundles.


Don’t Delay Get Started Today9693094_l


As you progress through this program, you will notice: 19874043_s

  • Dramatically improved energy levels
  • Enhanced fat burning
  • Increased lean muscle mass definition
  • Improved strength and muscular endurance along with a better cardiovascular fitness level
  • Reduced risk of disease
  • Improved moods and overall well-being
  • Increased every day strength
  • Looser fitting clothing as you burn fat and build muscle
  • A feeling of finally being in control over your body weight and health


 This way, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Still Not Sure?Have a look at what some former challengers have to say. You could be next!19873982_s  

 So don’t wait another day. If you’ve put off your health and fitness for too long, you can take control and start seeing the results you want.

It all begins with taking the very first step.

Commit to my 60 day Challenge and you will find that you never want to go back to your old ways again.






7579639_sBest of all, there is absolutely no risk to you.  To help make you 100% confident in your decision to take charge today, we are offering a 100% Satisfaction Bottom Of The Bag Money Back Guarantee.

You can try the program and if for whatever reason you are not satisfied with your results, simply let me know and we will refund you in full.

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