Stacey Lepitre CEO and Founder of Hephzibah Beauties   I am sure a lot of you are wonder how to pronounce my business name, what does it mean and why did I choose it? Well it’s simple really. I was listening to one of my Favorite Music Artists, Beckah Shae and she was singing a […]

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Stacey Lepitre

CEO and Founder of Hephzibah Beauties


I am sure a lot of you are wonder how to pronounce my business name, what does it mean and why did I choose it? Well it’s simple really. I was listening to one of my Favorite Music Artists, Beckah Shae and she was singing a song called Hephzibah (pronounced: hev-zih-buh ). It hit my spirit so deeply that I couldn’t shake the name. I had to looked it up further and then find a way to incorporate it into my business cause it speaks VOLUMES to my Life & Passion. 


Here is the song that inspired my business


More About Me:My Loving Family

I am a wife to an amazing man going on 11 years strong! I have two amazing kids, my daughter is 17 and is gifted in the arts and she has a heart to see her generation restored! My son is 9 and he is crazy about hockey he has a sensitive side but he is also BOLD as a Lion! I have been self employed since 2002 and loving every minute of it! For the last 10 years I have been building an Accounting Business with my Husband, but over the last 4 years  my passion has shifted and I want to be able to change the  lives of others by assisting people like you to take back their health and build up their confidence in who they are and who they are becoming!

My Passion:


My Passion iss to LOVE women who don’t believe in themselves! Who have been told they aren’t worthy, who have had a hard time to see who they really are because they’ve believed the lies that have been spoken over them! I truly want to see women rise up and take their rightful place in this world! Honoring their men, and being loved and cherished by their families! I want to see families restored and I truly believe that women are the pillars of their homes, so if they are broken the house will eventually fall, but if they are restored and have renewed strength their homes will be strong and their families will be blessed and honored!!!

My Health Journey:

In 2009,  I was dealing with some mega stress that almost took my life. If you don’t believe that Stress Kills ~ I am here to tell you that IT CAN!  Four short years ago, I got really sick. I was only four points away from needing a pace maker. I had absolutely NO energy, I was at my highest “non-pregnant” weight (closing in on 200 lbs). I was in so much pain that I was consuming 64 Advil for Migraines every 2-3 days “popping them like candy”. If any of you know me, you’ll know that I am “that” person who doesn’t even have Advil on hand, I would sooner turn to natural methods than commercial items for pain relieve.  I couldn’t even get up my stairs without stopping and catching my breathe every 2-3 steps. I felt like I had little aliens running wild throughout my body, from my head to my BIG toe! I was crying out for the Good Lord to take my life, cause I didn’t want to live in this pain any more!  Well, thankfully he doesn’t answer all our prayers, as he had a different plan for me!

12164339_sI started to seek professional help! I went to the doctor, and they told me that I was only facing per-menopause! REALLY? I have never talked to one women who has suffered like this going threw that “stage” of life. They gave me no support to try and return my quality of life. My symptoms become worse! I then with my husband’s amazing support went to a Natural Path, where after a great length of tests we came to some very scary but life changing realities: I had very LOW Blood Pressure, my heart was skipping beats and sometimes not beating at all. When we did the blood analysis we realized that my blood was clumped together, giving my heart a great deal of pressure to try and pump it through my body! The Dr. said that I was 4 points away from needing a pace maker :( Not the news I wanted to hear!  We went on with testing to find out that even though I was at my heaviest weight, my body was showing up as if it was anorexic due to malnutrition. This completely puzzled me, I ate and from what I thought we ate fairly decent. We may of ate out a lot due to lack of planning and time strains but we chose healthier places to eat (NOT MC Donald’s).  We also found out that I developed a sensitively to E.M.F. (Electronic Magnetic Frequencies) just this sensitivity alone, wasn’t allowing my body to absorb the nutrients I needed from eating something as simple as an apple. I had also developed a blockage between my large and small intestine, this was extremely painful and would expand my tummy as if I was 10 month pregnant anytime I ate or drank anything.  I had NO reserves to pull from, my tank was completely empty!  My body was on complete SHUT DOWN!! Flicking switches, one at a time….till there was nothing left of me! I had to make a change and FAST! Was there a way, without surgery?

YES, and the way was through my DIET and rebuilding the Nutrients in my body through Supplementation! It took me close to a year before I was able to exercise again, and I mean even taking a nice long walk would wipe me out for hours & hours! The Dr. said that I could do deep breathing exercises but nothing physical. I was on an extremely expensive supplementation program for up to 10 months (very difficult on the budget).  Worth it? I say YES, my family says YES!

Today, I exercise daily (exception of scheduled rest days), I eat clean , which I am learning more and more every day in this area. I am not a professional, I am passionate! Which in turn allows me to take my health and the health of my family to a new level.  With that being said, I LOVE helping others by encouraging, supporting and keeping accountability as they too take their health to a whole new level! I believe that when we are healthy in body we are healthy in mind. Never stop working towards bettering yourself, its the best gift to give those you love around you!


“Working Together to Change our Generation for the Generations to Come”

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