4 Easy Health and Fitness Tips

by Stacey on July 14, 2014

4 Easy Health and Fitness Tips   Americans in general haves seen an enormous increase in the number of people considered obese by the medical community. In fact many call it an Obesity Epidemic. To combat this we find all sorts of pharmaceutical companies selling the “quick fix” pills, powders, and lotions that do NOTHING […]

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The Secrets to Enjoying Exercise

by Stacey on June 23, 2014

 The Secrets to Enjoying Exercise   If you are like most folks, the mere thought of exercising is enough to have your mind make up all sorts of excuses why you should not, could not, and potentially will not exercise. However, there are some secrets and tips to really begin to enjoy exercise to its […]

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5 Simple Steps to Losing Weight

by Stacey on June 9, 2014

  5 Simple Steps to Losing Weight   If you are carrying around a few (I use that term loosely) extra pounds like most of us are, you all know all the reasons why we should take the weight off. It will reduce stress on our heart, reducing the chance of heart disease, cancer, possibility […]

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Moves To Reduce Post Workout Muscle Soreness

by Stacey on May 22, 2014

   One frustrating element of starting a new fitness program that just about everyone will experience at some point or another is post workout muscle soreness. You know the drill. You put in a hard workout in the gym and then the next day, you wake up hardly able to move. Sadly, for those just […]

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3 Tips For A Better Bum

by Stacey on March 24, 2014

If you’re like most women, one of the primary areas of your body that you definitely want to target and improve upon is your backside. Having a nicely rounded but yet firm butt is something that most women desire from their workout program, but yet one that few ever really obtain. In order to reach […]

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5 Signs You Need A Training Break

by Stacey on March 17, 2014

As you go about your workout protocol plan, you may want to stop and consider from time to time whether you are giving your body the rest and recovery it needs. For highly motivated individuals, it’s easy to just get into the trap of continually pushing harder and harder, never stopping to give the body […]

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Post image for Boost The Intensity Of Your Workout And Burn Fat Faster

Boost The Intensity Of Your Workout And Burn Fat Faster

by Stacey on March 3, 2014

Quick Tips To: Boost The Intensity Of Your Workout And Burn Fat Faster   If you want to get lean in a hurry, one thing that you should be focusing on is increasing the overall intensity level of your workout protocol.  Some women think that in order to burn fat faster, they need to do […]

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Post image for Stop the Clock

Stop the Clock

by Stacey on August 7, 2013

Stop The Clock!!! Why does it feel that time keeps evaporating? I honestly put way to much expectation on my task lists everyday and when I get to the end of my day I wonder why can’t we just be able to “Buy” an Hour like some can “Buy” a Vowel! For some of you […]

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Post image for 3 Ways to Naturally Minimize Depression

3 Ways to Naturally Minimize Depression

by Stacey on July 13, 2013

1. Exercise  Physical exercise releases chemicals in the brain that help boost your mood. It’s long been known that vigorous, regular exercise can serve to lessen and in some cases even cure depression in many patients. Cardiovascular exercise is an ideal core exercise for treating depression, as the body can sustain cardio activity for a […]

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Post image for How to WIN Les Mills Combat

How to WIN Les Mills Combat

by Stacey on July 1, 2013

STEP ONE Get your FREE Club Membership HERE This will allow you access to a great community of like minded individuals. One Heart One Goal and that is Ultimate HEALTH! *ALSO, this allows me to be Your FREE Personal Beachbody Coach.Where I am able to privately work with you to help you reach your goals!! […]

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